Our Products

Swimming Pool Copings

Pool copings are installed around a swimming pool. They are a small sidewalk around the pool and give the pool its finished look. Margelles Decors offers concrete swimming pool copings, which are available with assorted pool deck concrete slabs. These copings are great around a pool but can also be used for terraces or steps.

Concrete Paving Bricks

Concrete pavers can be used for gardens, pathways, terraces, steps, swimming pool surroundings or driveways. Concrete pavers are suitable for pedestrian areas as well as areas used by vehicles. Regardless of its use, it will enhance your exterior decor. You will be delighted with the results. Margelles Decors offers two types of concrete pavers, rectangular and interlocking.

Concrete Slabs

Are you imagining a landscaping project that will surpass all of your wildest dreams? Are you looking for a solution that requires little maintenance so that you can reap the most benefits from your investment? Slabs are sure to meet your needs. Available in a variety of models and colours, our selection of Slabs are the ideal way to tackle any outdoor project, from patios, to decks, entrances, paths, laneways, grounds or swimming pool contours.

Decorative outdoor pebbles

Get creative with our vast assortment of naturally polished Garden stones for landscaping. Offered in various colors and sizes, our landscaping rocks are cleaned, and ready to use for the ultimate natural landscape stones look.